Adidas Goalkeeper Gloves – Best Soccer Goalie Gloves On The Market

Adidas Goalkeeper Gloves

Comfort, protection, and durability, these are the primary requirements for goalkeepers standing in front of a net blocking shots coming in from various angles. Adidas goalkeeper gloves are world-class pieces of equipment that many professional soccer players rely on.


Being a goalkeeper isn’t easy and it gets harder without the right equipment. Adidas has come out with a refined set of gloves that are in line with modern standards and can withstand a barrage of shots without breaking a sweat. It’s never been easier to play the position than it is now thanks to this beautifully innovated solution.


In particular these Adidas goalkeeper gloves are an ode to perfection and it’s time to get your hands on them now. You can research reviews, standards, quality and cost here

Comprehensive Shock Absorption


The primary requirement for any set of gloves is being able to offer complete shock absorption. The ball shouldn’t hurt the hands when it makes contact. With multiple layers of protection sewn into the palm and knuckle area, these gloves are rock solid and can take a punch.


Shock absorption is a major requirement for goalkeeper gloves and these are world-class in their performance.


It doesn’t matter if a superstar striker is rushing in with a full-powered strike because these gloves will handle the impact seamlessly. When it comes to shock absorption, some of the Adidas gloves line is as good as it gets.


Unrivaled Grip Junior Goalkeeper Gloves


The grip is about getting the fingers wrapped around the ball while maintaining directional control.


Whether it is raining or snowing, these gloves are not going to lose their grip. This makes it easier to grab or toss the ball as necessary. Being a goalkeeper shouldn’t become a struggle with the grip and Adidas has ensured that this is not the case.


Each finger is meticulously sewn together to ensure it is able to grip the ball and remain sturdy under duress. Pick up the ball with full confidence knowing it is going to stick to the gloves.


Beautiful Design


Who doesn’t like a beautiful pair of gloves?


Adidas goalkeeper gloves are immaculate to look at and will bring a smile to one’s face as soon as they lay eyes on them. This pair is striking, unique, and downright amazing for those who want to stand out and look the part while standing in front of the net.


These gloves have been designed by world-class designers with years of experience in meeting modern standards. The gloves are sleek, beautiful, and engaging. Goalkeepers will feel a rush of confidence after putting these gloves on because of the unique stitching and beautiful selection of fabric.


Full ControlYouth Soccer Goalkeeper Gloves


Being able to control the ball and maintain directional flexibility is the name of the game as a goalkeeper.


Feeling trapped and not knowing where the ball will go after it has been collected is a daunting prospect. Most of these gloves should remove such hurdles and offer world-class maneuverability for goalkeepers aiming to block, pass, or punch the ball around the field.


This level of control has been tested around the world by many professional goalkeepers and in all conditions to ensure the consistency is there. Adidas has gone the extra mile to maintain the highest possible standards for goalkeepers using their gloves.


Seamless Fit


Loose gloves can become the difference between a save and a botched block.


It happens all the time and it is important to go with a trusted brand such as Adidas that emphasizes the value of fitting. All gloves are meticulously measured and approved before being released onto the open market for goalkeepers to try. This affords goalkeepers with the opportunity to maximize fitting and ensure it works out as intended.


Put on these gloves and know they have been made for a seamless fit.


There is no reason to go with gloves that are too loose or too tight when Adidas has the perfection option available.


LightweightSoccer Keeper Gloves


Bulky gloves are a thing of the past and goalkeepers want to maintain full control as they handle the ball.


It should feel as if the gloves aren’t there when a ball is picked up. These gloves are beautiful to look at but even better when it comes to their weight. The weight distribution is equal and based on how the goalkeeper is going to handle the ball.


Multiple tests have been run to see how the weight is distributed on impact and these calculations have been used to build the final product. These gloves are as light as anything on the market.




Adidas is a world-class brand that has made a name for itself because of reliable products.


These goalkeeper gloves are not going to break down as soon as the first strike comes in. They are going to get better with time and that’s the beauty of getting the best. These gloves can handle it all and are going to look brilliant once they are put on.


The fabrics are premium in quality and are going to withstand anything tossed their way on the field. Whether it is water, dirt, or a bit of both, these gloves will outlast anything.




Breathable Fabric


The Adidas goalkeeper gloves are breathable with calming fabric that protects the hands in all conditions. Whether it is freezing cold or burning hot, the goalkeeper should be protected because the hands are in action from start to finish. These gloves have breathable fabric that keeps the sweat out and helps a goalkeeper focus on making big saves.


This fabric is tested and suited to all conditions making it the ultimate fit. It’s an immaculate solution based on modern needs and can handle the rigors of goalkeeping at all levels of play.


Give these Adidas goalkeeper gloves an opportunity and never use another option ever again. These are a beautiful blend of beauty, quality, and durability making them a must for goalkeepers of all ages. The days of using sub-par gloves and hoping for the best should be well in the past. It’s time to take the next step and dominate as a goalkeeper by staying safe and focusing on the job at hand. Put these gloves on and know they are going to be your partner in crime on the field as you make saves.


You can research reviews, standards, quality and cost here


Read my Nike goalkeeper gloves article if you prefer the Nike brand.


Helping you make saves,




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Nike Goalkeeper Gloves – Which Glove Does This Pro Where?

Nike Goalkeeper Gloves – Which Glove Does This Pro Where?


Many professional soccer goalies from around the world rely on Nike goalkeeper gloves to enhance their game.


Any experienced goalkeeper will tell you that gloves form an essential part of a goalkeeper’s career. This is because gloves help a keeper keep the ball in its safest place while on the field…


…in the goalkeeper’s hands.


In this regard, Nike projects its ambitions in investing in the best innovations and technology when it comes to its glove line. Whether it’s the Nike Tim HowardGrip series, Nike Confidence, the Premier Gt or the Spyne Protections, there is no doubt that Nike demands and exercises an extremely exacting quality control of its products resulting in gloves of durability, top quality, latex and finishes.


This is probably why professional goalkeepers such as Thibaut Courtois, Joe Hart, Memo Ochoa, De Gea, and Tim Howard, just to mention a few, have demonstrated high levels of confidence in using the Nike brand of gloves during their matches.


Many factors have to fall into consideration when choosing the right kind of glove to use.


These include comfort, grip, endurance, fit, feel and durability among others. Nike has invested a lot in research on how to capture all these considerations when designing their line of gloves, whether they are meant to be worn by developing or grass root level goalkeepers or more experienced top of the league professionals.


Below is an exploration of the unique features of some of the most popular Nike goalkeeper gloves.

Nike Premier SGT Gloves

The Nike Premier SGT gloves are one of the most popular products in Nike’s line.


It comes with a traditional flat cut that endows the gloves with a great grip as well as a long lifetime. Just as the name suggests, this class of gloves is furnished with SGT, a term which stands for Nike’s magnificent Sipe Grip Technology.


This technology applies to the glove’s latex which comes with a special pattern that gives the gloves a better grip making them even more majestic. In addition to this, the Premier SGT is also furnished with the Bio-Align feature that makes the gloves slightly curved.


This forces the goalkeeper’s hands into a position that makes them constantly prepared to seize, grip, and hold onto the ball. Another interesting feature of this line of gloves is the tactile nodes found on the inside of the gloves. These nodes are in the form of small rubber knobs which hold your hand in position to ensure a secure and constant fit.


The gloves also have a solid layer of latex at the back of the hand which provides strength and protection when the goalkeeper is punching the ball. It is my understanding that professional goaltender Tim Howard – Everton USA and Brad Guzan – Aston USA wear the Nike Premier STG gloves.


Nike Vapor Grip 3 Goalkeeper Gloves

The Nike Vapor Grip 3 is another popular product in the Vapor series of Nike’s glove line.


This is one fantastic glove that is built to provide utmost mobility and comfort.


The newest version of this series of gloves-the Nike Vapor Grip 4-upholds the consistency in the integrity of this line of gloves by maintaining the design, comfort, and feel of previous versions.


However, I feel it has two great improvements in its technical aspects which are:


  1. Wrist wrap – that is more durable
  2. Improved finger design – that increases its motion range


Goalkeepers who prefer to have room for their fingers to breath and maximum cushioning when handling the ball will find this glove very convenient.


Technically, these gloves are equipped with a sticky 4mm foam padding that helps in shock absorption and overall ball handling. This special foam is consistently aligned throughout the glove’s face, the palm and fingers. The padding is hence equally extended from every fingertip down to the palm’s base. The glove’s single wrist wrap allows for quick and easy adjustments to achieve extra mobility and room for the goalkeeper’s hands. The strap also allows the keeper to quickly and conveniently get the glove on and off or quickly and easily adjust the glove while on the field.


Even after a full evaluation of these gloves, the thing that most stood out to me was how well they can perform in both dry AND in rainy conditions. They can hence withstand the test of daily training and different weather condition.


It is my understanding that professional goaltender Joe Hart – Manchester City England and Thibant Courtois – Chelsea Belgium, both wear the Nike Vapor Grip glove.


If I was making the choice personally, I think the Nike Vapor Grip might be mine.


Nike Confidence Goalkeeper Gloves

The Nike Confidence goalkeeper glove line is best suited for goalkeepers who love a smooth form fitting glove. Similar to the two brands discussed above they have upheld Nike’s integrity in terms of design, shape, security, and functionality.


However, one significant and notable improvement in terms of design is the material surrounding the wrist top. This material is a bit smoother and is capable of absorbing sweat in order not to aggravate the skin in addition to providing maximum comfort and mobility. These gloves have adopted multiple features in terms of wrist straps, fabrics, and elements. The multiple features allow the gloves to adapt and relate to a myriad of goalkeeping styles and hand types. The gloves tri-strap feature affords the goalkeeper choice in terms of hands tightness. Whether you like a very tight fitting or a looser fitting that gives you more room, the choice is up to you to adjust them to your convenient position.


The gloves are also equipped with a 6mm foam padding extending from the fingers, to the palm, and down to the wrist. This allows the glove to remain true to its name as it provides confidence to the goalkeeper when handling myriads of saves.


By using multiple elements and fabric types, the gloves provide an extremely comfortable feel and maximum flexibility. The area around the bottom strap and the wrist are highly sweat absorbent as well as comfortable against the skin.


Nike also uses the Bio-Align technology in designing these gloves. This technology allows the goalkeeper’s hands to remain in their most natural and comfortable position making the grip on shots easier and consistent.


The gloves are molded into a curved and flexible position that allows easy overall ball handling as well as overall comfort. They also perform well in both dry and rainy conditions and can comfortably withstand daily training.


Nike Spyne Pro Gloves


The Nike Spyne Pro is another popular brand of goalkeeper gear in the Nike gloves line.


The gloves come with contact latex that is 3mm thick which provide a fairly strong grip as well as great cushioning from shock. The gloves use Spyne technology in their design. This technology ensures that the goalkeeper’s hands are flexible and at the same time protected.


The gloves also have their backhand made of a solid latex material which allows the goalkeeper to punch balls out of danger while still ensuring that the hands are protected from bruises. Some keepers say that the Spyne Pro are the best gloves for finger saves.


The wrist wrap features a full close and allows full adjustment to give the goalkeeper a tight and personal fit.


Final Assessment


Nike has outdone itself in remaining true to its integrity in its goalkeeper gloves line while still adopting effective tweaks where they find it necessary.


For those who prefer majestic gloves that offer great grip support, protection, and surprisingly high endurance, Nike Premier SGT has all that covered. For a tight and light glove, unequaled flexibility, as well as less forced support on the grip, the Nike Vapor Grip 3 and 4 might be your best bet. If you prefer finger protection with yet some flexibility then Nikes Spyne Pro may be your choice.




all in all, it’s with no doubt that the Nike goalkeeper gloves line provides some of the best goalkeeping gloves on the market today for both professionals and students of the game.



Helping you make saves,




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Coach Phil is the co-founder of and a private training coach. He is passionate about coaching young people and helping them to step up their game on the field. His personalized training style helps the student of the game have a seemingly unfair advantage over their opponent. Learn more about Coach Phil on his About Me page or follow him on his local site at Soccer Skills Coach Citrus Heights. You can also follow him on his training site at